No cheating at the back!

// June 15th, 2009 // This site

So I added a blog, this is the first post. I’d always intended for rate my ISP to be self maintaining / user generated. And I’m far from an expert on ISP’s, so I didn’t think there’d be much point in adding a blog. But I thought it’d be nice to have somewhere to make the odd announcement about the site. (Incidentally the ratings system is a WordPress blog; each ISP is a blog post / the reviews are just comments with ratings.)

ANYWAY – there are times, like today, when I find myself  wishing there was a blog on the site for the sole purpose of naming and shaming companies who try to cheat. do you know it’s actually illegal for a company to pose as a member of the public on  a site like this? It’s happened a couple of times now.

Today someone left a glowing review of their ISP (one currently at the bottom of our chart ). And they left bad reviews of everyone else. And they were all left a minute after each other, all from the same IP address,  and all with the kind of sloppy punctuation people tend to use when they’ve written several fake reviews in a row. All deleted now.

I will be naming and shaming the company next time.

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  1. Alan Lawlor says:

    You just beat me to the punch by 6 weeks! I thought of this today and decided to do a few searches when I found your site. What I would suggest is the following : Give the public some links to sites that perform actual speed tests of their broadband links (e.g. and allow them to post their results on this site, giving (a) The ISP provider, (b) The speed/contention ratio that they subscribe to (c) their location (d) Date/time that test was executed and finally (e) Their ACTUAL download/upload speeds acheived. Using this information the ISPs could be rated scientifically in terms of when they offer e.g. 3MB download with 20:1 contention ratio, what actual speed do you achieve. The ISP could then be rated in terms of percentage of actual speeds advertised. This is something the British Gov did and published today. Given that the Irish Gov might start doing it then in 10 years time, this would be a worthwhile service.


  2. admin says:

    Hi Alan

    Thanks for the feedback.

    This blog is a new addition to the site, and about 6 weeks old, but the main part of the site is 8 months old. But yeah I was surprised it hadn’t been done when I set it up.

    On the about page, I have a link to the speedtest site and some people have added it to their reviews.

    I just don’t have the backend to compare that kind of data though, the site uses a simple plugin that just compares user ratings as opposed to detailed numbers. I know it’s not exactly scientific but I kind of like that, people’s perception of the service and how they’re treated as customer is a fairly vaild too.

    I’ll have a think about it though and see can I make the speedtest a more prominent part of the ratings, though.


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  6. I must say that, most of the ISP Company now a days working their best to provide fast connection to their consumer. I hope it will last.

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