Smart Telecom V Magnet

// June 16th, 2009 // Uncategorized

I set this site up for two reasons. One – it seemed really obvious that it would be useful – I was surprised it hadn’t been done before. But I also decided I was going to choose my next ISP based on reviews here. I waited for 100 reviews and then chose who was top of the list, which was Magnet. They’ve just recently been overtaken in the number one spot by Smart Telecom, when a review for Magnet didn’t quite have 5 stars all round.

To be honest, when (top technology blogger!) Justin mason left a glowing review of Magnet, that was the real clincher. I still haven’t left a review of Magnet. Service has been really really good, and no comparison to Eircom (surprise surprise) but it hasn’t been perfect. There have been a few dropouts and for some reason lots of trouble connecting on Mac some days but I’ll wait a bit longer before giving full review. Let’s see how long Smart can hold the top spot.

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  1. SifromLucan says:

    I can tell you now that Smart are on a race to the bottom since they have been taken over by Digiweb. The have all of a sudden broken their own contract by introducing a 170gb 30day rolling cap and without any warning to their customers reduced their broadband to 130kb up and down. I must state that I do not think that this was a decision from Smart but more likley Digiweb but regardless of who mad the bad decision, their stats will most likly drop and magnets and upc’s improve.

  2. admin says:

    Seems like a bit of a campaign alright! Sounds like they deserve it. They never learn.

    All these takeovers. Vodafone took over BT recently. Messes with my ratings!


  3. capsare3rdworld says:

    Smart are about to lose a load of customers over these imbecilic decisions, Magnet have been handed a huge advantage.

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