Latest ratings published at last!

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Eek! I thought things had gotten quiet around here but it turned out I had my “Notify me when a comment is held for moderation” turned off. So I didn’t realise there were quite a few reviews/ratings being held for moderation for a couple of weeks. Sorry! All published now.


The order of the top 3 is still the same though:

  1. Smart Telecom
  2. Magnet
  3. BT

There’s still definitely more people wading in to leave comments about bad service they’ve received. Great – but don’t forget to give praise where it’s due too. If you’ve left a bad review, don’t forget to come back and leave a good one when you find a better service. They matter too.


There’s a good post over on the Save a few bob blog about weighing up your options for Broadband.


Alan left a useful comment on the previous blog post. To summarise, a broadband site comparing results from would be much more technically accurate, but I think think factors like customer service are very impoortant too.

There was a broadband speed surve done in the UK recently, the largest of it’s kind see:Broadband rates ‘not up to speed’.

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  1. barry says:


    a ouestion to anyone who knows…

    im living in galway city and have a wireless modem with 3….pretty bad really (unreliable)!
    does anyone know a good broadband provider for galway?
    (i’m not under contract with 3 cos i was dubious about the quality…..was living in italy until last year and 3’s same package was great there….i guess it’s only in ireland that things fuk up)

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