Not a very Smart cap

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There’s a lot of very unhappy Smart  Telecom customers giving out about a new cap that apparently isn’t very transparent and is actually being touted as unlimited. Recent ratings here have made them drop from a close second to 3rd place over the last few days.


sifromLucan says

“I am with Smart for the last few years and I had nothing but good things to say about them. I would have given 5 stars for all areas, that is until this week. Digiweb have taken over and already broken the Unlimited download agreement I signed up for. The shut off everyones broadband because of high usage and have now upset all their customers. They now have a cap of 170GB a month which is not value compared to someone like UPC 270GB a month and for less money and faster speeds.

Well I will be canceling my service as soon as UPC install my new broadband and I know of loads of people doing the same. Its a shame since they were the best broadband in Ireland and their customers knew and raved about them so much. As for digiweb, pfff, I wouldn’t touch them if they offered free broadband. Eircom resellers tend to be totally crap and they are the worst of a bad bunch.”

There is much discussion over at the Smarttelecom forums, and a small campaign to leave ratings on ratemyisp but one member on this thread thinks “Not really a good method to complain its just rankings and can be easilly manipulated.” But that’s not true and may even be missing the point of this site. A campaign to get people to leave bad ratings is not manipulating anything, I have deleted and blocked reviewers pretending to be several different people before, but I’ve only seen authentic ratings from unhappy smart customers in the last few days. And that’s exactly what this site is for, as well as good reviews from happy customers.

Smart has recently been taken over by Digiweb. Just as Vodafone has recently taken over BT. I can’t merge ratings, so I guess I’ll just have to see if Smart continues to trade under that name. But I suppose I’ll eventually delete BT which is oddly enough in 2nd place at the moment.

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  1. Thomas Connor says:

    As you can see from reading the Smart Telecom comments at the start people were happy and like myself were telling everybody,until over the last couple of months it seems that they are more interseted in the money and not the customers. My brother was capped with no warning and was only told of the limit when he contacted smart to which he was not happy. It was so funny he was told by one staff member that smart had just bought this usage limit in and one staff member had said they have always had ust didnt enforce it whos taking the piss.
    as of today he has had upc fitted in and as of the morning smart telecom will be disconncted. I think its a sinking ship and all they have to blame is Digi-web a bunch of greedy clowns and if they were the last isp in Ireland I would do without.It seems that they have pissed of a lot of people hope they are happy.

  2. FWL_MeRc says:

    Aye, well I hope to see your site not manipulated. I am not the most trusting of people. User of smart for many years. I share a house with 3 others we’re all limited to 1.4 gigs a day now. Very easy limit to reach.

    More over in the company I work for we get plenty of new hires all wanting net access I used to always recommend Smart to them. Now I won’t be. This has a major knock on effect and seeing people complain like this is great but it will be ignored. I am currently trying to gather more information from some friends in the company. Should be interesting what I find out.

  3. admin says:


    Yeah Smart were right ahead for ages there. Seems like there were some really bad decisions made there. Good that your brother got to switch.

    Hi Merc
    Cheers for the comment but whether companies ignore the complaints or not still isn’t the point of this site really. It’s here for punters to see which ISPs are good and which have problems before they signup. Someone left a comment on the Smart ratings page yesterday that they were just about to signup to Smart and saw all the comments you guys left and did a complete u-turn. So that’s good.

    But yeah – major pain for people that are already signed up for this to happen.

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