Dear Carol/Antone/Igor etc

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For some reason the people who try leave multiple reviews under different guises always have terrible grammar and worse punctuation. It’s a much bigger giveaway than their ip address. Seems Vodafone just can’t get the staff these days.

carol lawlor
“its fine cant give out about it”

antone eright
“all good for what i pay”

damian doddy
“i,am from cork .i got 24mb just came out iam like a pig in s### .”

“on 3mb offpeak 35 pm happy out and my bills are staying at that prices .the rep that call to my door said 35 i said no way. i was paying 52 with eircom”

“not bad at all”

“value for money its good speed is ok not as good as back home but fine for ireland”

mary leen
“the best speed i ever got and i,am saving alot of money”

“i fine vodafone very gud have 7mb geting 5.5 day time nite time 6.4 .gaming very good .get that for 42 eicom 67 my 4 mothers have it too all fine it very good”

“35 eur for 3mb very good 2.6 .iwas with eircom lift them 10 weeks ago because singapore telcom took them over customer service in inda”

“eircom a joke speed is gone down since singapore telcom took over eircom .vvvvvvery bad .customerservice inda joke. with vodafone now 35 eur pm.3mb cant go wrong”

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  1. Chris says:

    Hi Just wondering if anyone has tried the O2 Home Broadband wireless for €89? Need broadband and was wondering if its any good. Use to have BT.


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