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// June 10th, 2013 // This site

Hi there. From today, anyone who wants to leave a review will have to register with ratemyisp.

You go to to create a user name and password. Then you can log in to the site, go to the relevant ISP page, and leave your review.

I realise a huge percentage of people who want to leave a quick review won’t be bothered with this but unfortunately I haven’t time to deal with ISP owners claiming false reviews. And I haven’t time to email every reviewer to see if their email address bounces or not after a ‘false claim’ has been made, which is what I have to do every time, as one step in trying to confirm their legitimacy.

I know this isn’t completely foolproof, but it will sure make it easier. And it may not be a bad thing that all reviews will be written by people who are willing to commit their email address when they write the review.

Please note. Your email address will not appear anywhere on the site and I will NEVER give an ISP owner your email address.  (Yes, some have asked in the past.)

Apologies for the inconvenience.

7 Responses to “Register to comment”

  1. Thomas maC says:

    Extremely slow , unreliable , slows down late at night but it’s been breaking down all week. Freezes a lot.

  2. Tom says:


    Must be the worst company care company operating operating in Ireland Impossibe to get any issue sorted with them.. worst ever.. Some thing needs to be done about this.

  3. Kevin Tuohy says:

    What can i say. Digiweb are the most ungodly , Atrocious, Slowest, Expensive ISP robbing scumbags, The sheer lack of propriety , has proven that this business is a pure scam.

    The reliability of the internet, To put it simply its just bad
    The Speed BAD
    The Cost of it because of the speed BAD
    The ping BAD
    IT always disconnects all the time , takes 10 minutes for you to reconnect.

    I live in the stoneybatter area I suggest anyone else to choose any other ISP Asides from these money robbing scumbags.

    Over all star rating

    Half a star on anything you can think of

  4. Dave says:

    Very bad at moment they won’t listen to complaints worst company ever

  5. Dave says:

    Premier broadband. Would not recommend this broadband to anyone. They promise but don’t deliver. It’s slow and you get no follow up service if you are in trouble. For a 2mb download the average is 0.20.

  6. pat says:

    Hi ,
    Recently has QSAT installed, very slow in peak times and the wifi is terrible , only available in one room so generally unimpressed, i was of the opinion that i could cancel charge free within 14 days however once installed you cannot cancel, so you really have no test time, the cancellation fee once installed is 199 + first months rental +cancellation fee of 300 euro so that would have cost me 534 euro , the years subscription is around 600 so they really have you caught. i also asked the engineer to test before he installed and all he produced was a compass , i was at lease expecting a satellite tracking device, so before you install this poor service just consider the above.


  7. Heather says:

    Trying to register to leave a review but no e-mail received :-(

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